“AppleSass, aspara-gas, if that don't rhyme kiss my foot”

- the late & great Widge Black

My husband Corey is amazing. When I confessed that the little voice in my head telling me to begin crafting bath products again had become a roar, he not only supported me but wholeheartedly jumped into this happy little adventure with me.

Along the way he's developed his own love of soap making & now shares my passion of taking simple yet dynamic ingredients & turning them into practical yet unique products that we want to reach for ourselves on a daily basis.

The name AppleSass stems from a song (written in its entirety as our story headline) that my beloved Grandfather would sing to us as children on a regular basis. Hopefully we can continue to create products even half as dynamic as his personality. We'll be golden....

We hope you'll join us on our ever-evolving journey to Apothecaryland & that we can create something that will fit snugly & fabulously into your daily routine.

– Corrie Black Knudson (and yes, my husband and I pronounce our names the same)